Leapton Solar successfully produces a 590 W high power PV module

Leapton Solar has successfully produced a 590 W high power PV module, based on PERC technology, with 182 mm silicon wafers and multi-busbar technology (10BB). This technology can effectively control the spacing of cells and the power of a single module can reach 590 W. The size of the latest module, the LP182*182-M-78-MH-590W model, is 2,472×1,134×35 mm.

Taking into account the aspects of module manufacturing and other practical applications, 182 mm has been established as the optimal silicon wafer size and the most appropriate for maximising the benefits of both the module and the system.

Large size, highly efficient silicon PV modules have become the first choice for the global market. Leapton Solar has reacted to these market trends, combining them with the needs of customers and market demand. The result has been the development of this high efficiency, high power and low cost 590 W PV module. Through continuous technology innovation to enhance module efficiency, as well as module production technology, Leapton Solar has been able to improve product reliability, providing customers with added value.

Source: Leapton Solar