LM Wind Power delivers 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind’s new 3 MW wind turbine

The first set of LM 66.9 blades were installed on Goldwind's 3MW turbine in the beginning of January 2017 in Zhangbei

LM Wind Power has announced that its newly developed 66.9 meter blades for Goldwind’s 3MW wind turbine platform, the GW3S, were installed successfully on the first prototype turbine. The new blade was developed in record time with the installation taking place less than 6 months from project initiation.

The LM Wind Power blades have been selected as part of Goldwind’s strategy to provide advanced technology and high performing products that can serve the significant domestic market in China and support Goldwind’s ambitious globalization strategy. The blades will be produced at LM Wind Power’s plant in Qin Huang Dao in the North eastern part of China.


Goldwind executive VP Wu Kai said: “With this turbine, Goldwind aspires to lead the industry in availability and performance in the low-wind speed segment where rotor diameters are increasing in size. Goldwind recognizes tailor-made blades as the best way to improve the competitiveness of the wind turbine.”

LM Wind Power’s CEO, Marc de Jong, added: “We see the collaboration on the blades for the GW3S platform to be a milestone in our partnership with Goldwind. Our teams have worked closely together to develop the 136-meter rotor and we are working on even more blade designs for this and larger turbine platforms.”

Source: LM Wind Turbine