Integrated logistics, essential for the energy sector

The experience of DHL Supply Chain, as a global supplier of logistics solutions, has demonstrated the huge importance for a company operating in the energy sector of having a supply chain that is unique and not made up of an infinite number of smaller supply chains working in parallel and not interconnected. Its design has to be integral to guarantee the full visibility and traceability of the materials and allow unforeseen events to be anticipated.

It is precisely this experience along with the global presence of the company that allows it to conclude that the requirements to implement a good supply chain are perfectly identified and are valid for most of the utility companies, even though their criticality increases in line with its diversification, size and internationalisation.

In every sector of activity, but even more so in energy, managing unforeseen circumstances or disruptions to the supply chain is one of the critical areas and key to the flow of the whole process. Flexibility, integration and innovation are the most important characteristics to anticipate, react to and guarantee operations in every type of situation, from economic volatility to natural disasters, social disturbances, political crises, armed conflict, etc. Read more…

Salvador Ribalta
Business Units Director for Energy, Industry and Automotive, DHL Supply Chain

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2015