Lointek wins two major contracts for the world’s biggest CSP plant

Lointek’s technology has been selected for the turnkey supply of the integrated steam generation system and the oil-salt thermal storage system for DEWA IV, the world’s biggest thermosolar power plant that will start operating in 2022, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

The firm is in charge of the engineering, manufacture, installation and launch of the power island. This will take place in three phases: the first of 18 months, and the following two in consecutive 8-month periods. These systems are considered to be critical elements in the plant’s development and of high thermomechanical complexity in their design and implementation.

Record figures

The DEWA IV project entails an investment of $4 b and breaks a number of records. In terms of its capacity, it has a total power of 950 MW, of which 600 are from parabolic trough generation (three times the maximum capacity of existing facilities), 250 MW from photovoltaic generation and 100 MW from the central tower system. Another remarkable feature of the project is that it produces the cheapest known kWh, at a cost of 7.2 $ cents.

With regard to its dimensions, the solar park has a surface area of 3,750 hectares, in addition, the central tower is the tallest of all the solar plants built up to now, reaching a height of 260 metres.

DEWA IV (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) is situated 50 km outside Dubai and forms part of the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, which sets a target for renewable energy of 7% of total energy production by 2020, 30% by 2030 and 75% by the middle of the century.

Global leadership

The award of this contract is a reinforcement of the company’s position of global leadership, with its market share of more than 70% of thermosolar power plants across the world, and a reaffirmation of its competitiveness. In this regard, LOINTEK particularly appreciates the acceptance of its proposed technology in the face of international competition and the positive assessment of its reliability.

The company has delivered around 1,000 heat exchangers in a decade, a figure ten times greater than the second company in the sector’s ranking. LOINTEK has supplied power systems to 55 thermosolar plants in ten countries across America, Europe, Africa and Asia, with a total renewable thermosolar electrical power generation capacity of 3,500 MW.

In 2018, LOINTEK also participated in thermosolar plants in South Africa and Morocco that were already fully operational and, currently, it is working on the testing phase of a plant in Israel and the installation of another in Kuwait.

Source: Lointek