Energy efficiency at the Gloria Palace Hotels

The Gloria Palace hotel chain has three properties on the island of Gran Canaria: San Agustín, Amadores and Royal. All three hotels use propane as an energy source for their heating requirements. San Agustín and Amadores also have thalassotherapy facilities, which involves keeping several swimming pools at a temperature of about 35 ºC all year round. The energy efficiency project consisted of setting up an integrated energy service based around two biomass thermal units in the San Agustín (2×450 kW) and Amadores (600 kW) hotels, operating with biomass from pallet chips.

The savings made were used to cover other improvements in the hotels, these being the installation of two new cooling units with heat recovery in the San Agustín and Amadores hotels, a new integrated control system and refurbishment of the heat and cold distribution room in the San Agustín Hotel, as well as a system to monitor consumption in all three hotels.

All this has led to signing a 5-year energy services contract for the sale of useful heat and cold savings to the customer of €150,000, around 20% of their former energy bill.

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2013