Energy management systems

The implementation of the international standard ISO 50001 has made it possible to be able to rely on a globally recognised method for the introduction of energy management systems (EMS). However, ensuring that this method is being correctly implemented and that companies are improving their energy efficiency as a result, involves integrated support frameworks that are able to promote and enable their application as well as monitoring, verifying and certifying companies’ behaviour and performance.

In so far as the energy situation continues to deteriorate at global level, there is a clear requirement to look at energy as a factor that requires special attention to ensure that no-one is left on the periphery. It should be compulsory to propose the implementation of an energy management system (EMS) that will lead to the effective optimisation of its use, thereby justifying its profitability as regards the reduction in energy costs.

In this way the EMS has to be conceived as an organised and structured force to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of energy. Such a system needs to achieve more rational energy use and lead to a reduction in consumption without compromising comfort, productivity, the quality of the services provided and, in general, without diminishing established performance levels.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014