Lower emissions and more energy savings in a solar pump installation with drive inverters

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

PV solution supplier Sumsol has successfully installed Spain’s first solar pump system with automatic power grid backup. When designing the system, Sumsol saw the VACON® 100 drives from Danfoss as a key element which, thanks to the Solar Pump application with the MPPT4 algorithm, manage to extract the maximum solar power at any time of day. The result? A significant annual reduction in pollutant emissions and a considerable annual financial saving with a short payback period.

Among others, corn and sugar beet are the intensive crops covering 150 hectares of land that one of Sumsol’s customers wanted to irrigate. In order to supply such a large area and taking the irrigation requirements inherent to intensive crops into account, the monthly expenditure on electricity needed to power all the equipment involved in the process is high. Specifically, the system uses four submersible pumps, which are supplied from a 49,000 m3 reservoir; and two vertical shaft pumps, which take water from the reservoir to the irrigation system.

To reduce mains electricity consumption, Sumsol designed a 300 kWp solar pump system with automatic power grid backup for this company. The arrangement consists of 944 modules of 320 Wp each, mounted on a structure with horizontal axis tracking and a fully automated Sumsol pumping system integrated into the same cabinet. According to Sumsol, this is the first system with such characteristics to be installed in Spain.