Major challenges facing wind power in 2022 to continue as the first technology in Spain’s energy mix

FuturENERGY December 2021-January 2022

La eólica afronta 2022 con grandes retos para continuar siendo la primera tecnología del mix energético español

2021 has been a year of major achievements for the wind power sector. Our sector is constantly evolving and growing, with great strength and the capacity to be the industrial driver in our DNA. Wind power is a key instrument and cornerstone of the energy transition, as well as being a strategic sector for the economic recovery in Spain and worldwide.

Wind power not only represents clean and cheap energy generation, but also additional added value due to the combination of positive externalities it offers: a commitment to sustainable development, quality employment, wealth generation in the territory, a complete and competitive value chain, financial strength and resilience, technological leadership and top-tier international positioning.

The sector figures speak for themselves: with over 1,260 wind farms on Spanish soil, wind power has 27,446 MW installed, which is the equivalent of 25% of the total installed capacity of the country’s energy system and a 21% contribution to total generation in 2020. Today, we are already the leading technology in the energy mix, in both installed capacity and generation. The wind power sector employs over 27,600 professionals, contributes €3.106,4bn (30%) to Spain’s GDP and has more than 250 industrial centres distributed across the country. It is a story of considerable success in industrial and technological development and in the supply of clean energy, present in 100% of the value chain.

Juan Virgilio Márquez
General manager of AEE, the
Spanish Wind Energy Associations