Bad times for wind power, Spain’s biggest source of electricity

When our politicians regulated wind power for the first time in 1997 with the Electricity Sector Law, scarcely more than 200 MW of wind power had been installed in Spain. Few would have imagined then that by 2013 wind energy, with nearly 23,000 MW installed, would be the Spaniards’ first source of electricity. Or that Spain would be the first country in the world where wind power satisfies a greater percentage of electric demand for a whole year.

If it has got this far it is because wind energy has done things properly and has steadily, without making a fuss, taken over from more expensive technologies in the electricity market so that the country can reach its energy majority and free itself from imports from geopolitically unstable countries and energy sources that endanger the planet.

With the support of governments of different persuasions, the solid backing of companies and the goodwill of society, wind power has developed in exemplary fashion, creating a powerful and model industry around it, and always growing in line with the regulator’s aims: we did what they told us to, at the rhythm they told us to, and at the prices they set.

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2014