MAN Diesel & Turbo to train Power Plant staff for Gabon

MAN Diesel & Turbo has landed a training contract with Gabon’s public development company for power and water, Société du Patrimoine, to train the staff of the Cap Lopez power plant, located close to Port Gentil, Gabon. Since late 2016 37 members of the plant’s future staff undergo an extensive 12 month training program at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s training facility in St.Nazaire, France. Next to the maintenance of engines and turbochargers the program will upgrade the participants’ skills on power plant operation and management as well as on engine performance analysis and safety regulations. In addition MAN will send three experts to Gabon to work on site the plant, who will assist in site management and offer support in maintenance and power plant operation management.

The Cap Lopez power plant as well as its sister plant Alénakiri, located in Gabon’s capital Libreville, is equipped with engines by MAN Diesel & Turbo. Both plants have a capacity of 119 MW and are equipped with four MAN 18V51/60 Dual Fuel engines, which can operate on either natural gas or Diesel Oil, offering a maximum of fuel flexibility to the plants’ operator. The engines mainly run in gas mode.


The two power plants are central elements of Gabon’s plans to expand its base for power generation. With currently 600MW installed nationwide, Port Gentil and Alenakiri account for approximately 20 percent of Gabon’s overall generation capacity. While Alenakiri is already in operation, the Cap Lopez plant becomes operational and the staff is training while working at the plant.

Source: MAN Diesel & Turbo