MAN showcases Comprehensive Gas Portfolio

35/44G, 35/44G TS, 51/60G, 51/60G TS

The most comprehensive gas engine portfolio available in the market and a highly efficient gas and steam turbine range – flexible energy solutions are in the focus of MAN Diesel & Turbo’s 2015 Power-Gen Europe attendance. Europe’s major energy trade fair will take place at Amsterdam Rai in Amsterdam from June 09-11, 2015. “This year’s Power-Gen theme ‘The energy transition is changing…Europe’ could not be closer to the truth”, says Dr. Uwe Lauber, CEO of MAN Diesel & Turbo.

“Today, power plant operators and investors in Europe are confronted with both technical requirements and business cases that are much more complex than a few years ago. Expert advice, in depth consultation and an experienced technology partner are essential to identify the right generation solution for each customer’s individual energy challenge. We welcome PowerGen Europe as another opportunity to showcase the solutions we have to offer and to invite customers, prospects and industry experts alike: Visit our booth and discuss your energy needs with our experts.”

Once again the company puts special focus on the themes of “Natural gas” and “Decentralized power generation” and presents a portfolio of natural gasdriven engines and turbines, added up by a comprehensive portfolio of service solutions, to help and master the European energy transition: “Europe consists of 28 energy markets, each of which has its own, grown energy system and established power generation mix”, says Dr. Hermann Kröger, Senior Vice President and Head of the Business Unit Power Plants at MAN Diesel & Turbo. “All those markets however share a common goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to increase the share of renewable energies. Gas generation is an ideal technology to achieve this: It is low in CO2- emissions and suited perfectly to back up renewables and work towards a low carbon economy.” However the political framework to support the planned transition was not yet fully in place, says Kröger: “If Europe is serious about reducing CO2-emissions, it will need to make those emissions more costly and hence provide a competitive advantage for cleaner forms of energy, e.g. natural gas.”

“There is definitive demand for additional gas generation capacities”, seconds Howard Barnes, Senior Vice President at MAN Diesel & Turbo and Global Head of Power Plant Sales. “We are currently building an 80MW gas fired power plant in Gibraltar featuring our 51/60G gas engine. Our gas engines offer a fuel efficiency of more than 50 percent. They reach full load within minutes, allow fast starts, stops and ramp-ups, all of which are essential capabilities when it comes to integrating large amounts of renewable energy into the system.”

At Power-Gen Europe, MAN Diesel & Turbo introduces its new line of twostage turbocharged gas engines. Both of the company’s gas engine models 35/44G and 51/60G are now also available with two-stage turbochargers. Two-stage turbocharging achieves excellent efficiency thanks to a lowpressure and a high-pressure turbocharger arranged in series. The 35/44G TS and the 51/60G TS are spark ignited two-stage turbocharged gas engines. The 35/44G TS is available in 12V and 20V-cylinder versions with mechanical outputs of 7.4 MW and 12.4 MW. The 51/60G TS can be delivered as an 18-cylinder version with outputs of 18.9 MW and 20.7 MW. While the 18.9 MW aggregate reaches a mechanical efficiency of more than 50%, the 20.7 MW machine is the most powerful gas engine currently available on the market. Also on display at the MAN booth is the company’s MGT gas turbine family, which recently premiered in the Chinese market. “As our youngest member in the range of energy-related turbomachinery, the MGT gas turbine family marks an important step in terms of efficiency and flexibility,” states Dr. Christopher Antes, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Unit Turbomachinery. “Whether it’s highly efficient steam turbines, gas turbines or compressors for processing and transport of natural gas, our comprehensive portfolio of turbomachinery and the related services by MAN PrimeServ supports a whole range of applications in the energy sector”, he adds. This is underlined by the most recent order for four 6.9MW MGT 6200 gas turbines. With 6.9 MW each, they will soon provide electric energy and process steam for Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd. The MGT family offers optimized turbine versions for both energy generation and as mechanical drive. In Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications, overall efficiencies of up to 90 percent can be reached, which makes the MGT an ideal partner for captive power applications.

Efficiency is also the guiding principle for MAN Diesel & Turbo’s steam turbine portfolio, supporting the sustainable generation of energy. Ranging from 1- 160MW the company offers steam turbines for almost any application, e.g. energy generation from residual heat, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) or biomass. Also, the company has developed a special expertise for Waste-toEnergy applications and has recently supplied a 50 MW DK 100/400 R steam turbine for the UK-based waste incineration pant „Wilton