March 2019

FuturENERGY Digital – N 58

Cover Story


Promat is the global leader in high temperature insulation solutions. Promat’s tailor-made solutions are developed specifically for each project using its extensive range of insulating materials, which cover temperatures from 100°C to 1,800°C. The company’s global presence on the five continents allows it to design and deliver every thermal insulation project taking into account the specific requirements of each country. Based on a thorough analysis of the problem, Promat develops the engineering and design adapted to the specific plant, product and market.

Promat offers cutting-edge thermal engineering for sustainable energy. Its solutions are used in multiple applications in CSP plants and fuel cells. Keeping at the forefront of the CSP market since it was first developed, and as a pioneer in thermal insulation for fuel cells, Promat’s extensive experience, know-how and engineering capabilities enable it to create a solution for any thermal challenge: heat shields and backside protection in solar towers; ball joint and rotary joint assemblies; heat storage vessels; piping and pipe supports and valves for CSP plants; and SOFC & MCFC fuel cells reformers and balance of plant.

Promat solutions are thinner, lighter and more efficient and have a service life of more than 25 years. But they are also green, as they contain no hazardous materials, are bio-soluble and have no negative impact on the surroundings, equipment and components.