March-April 2020

FuturENERGY Digital – N 68

Cover Story


Engineering company GHESA was founded in 1963. Since then, it has worked in several fields (energy, infrastructures, water and art), achieving particular experience in the domestic and international energy sectors. With a workforce of over 500, the company’s main activity is the engineering and design of electrical power generation plants as well as the turnkey supply and support for the operation of power plants including combined cycles, CHP plants, biomass or waste treatment plants, CSP plants, PV and wind farms.

GHESA has undertaken a large number of industrial CHP projects, implementing both the full plant engineering and the turnkey supply of CHP installations with natural gas or diesel engines, as well as those with single-cycle and combined-cycle gas turbines.

As regards biomass and waste treatment plants, the projects GHESA has implemented include both engineering works and turnkey plants, with a wide range of sizes, capacities and technologies depending on the fuel used. GHESA integrates boilers from different suppliers depending on the type of biomass used (woody or grassy) and on the characteristics of the waste matter (municipal solid waste, forestry waste, etc.).