Maxwell Technologies selected for China Guodian Corporation’s first ultracapacitor-based wind energy storage system


Maxwell Technologies has been selected by Beijing Huadian Tianren Electric Power Control Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Guodian Corporation, as the core component of a wind farm energy storage demonstration project. The system is the first MW-scale, ultracapacitor-based wind farm energy storage system in the world.

Compared with conventional batteries, ultracapacitors discharge and recharge power quicker, with a longer lifetime and better performance in low temperatures. The advantages of Maxwell’s ultracapacitors perfectly suit them for stabilizing short-term power output fluctuation in wind farms and cabling in large-scale deployments, ensuring reliable access to wind-generated power on the grid.maxweel-2

The demonstration project has deployed 1,152 Maxwell 56V/130F ultracapacitor modules, which is the largest ultracapacitor system in wind farms across China.

Ultracapacitors’ long cycle life and fast response capabilities can smooth power output fluctuation, allowing large-scale wind farms to connect to the grid as a more reliable power generation source.