Meta Engineering becomes a stakeholder in Izharia Ingeniería to boost renewable energy projects

Meta Engineering entra en el accionariado de Izharia Ingeniería con el objetivo de impulsar proyectos de energía renovable

One of the leading Spanish companies in the field of infrastructures, Meta Engineering, has acquired a 67% stake in Izharia Ingeniería, an engineering consultancy of reference in Spain in the sphere of energy generation, transport and distribution, with a strong presence in the renewable energy sector.

Signed in Barcelona by Enric Font, CEO of Meta Engineering and Isabel López Ferrer, founder and CEO of Izharia Ingeniería, the agreement will promote the growth of both companies, both in terms of both geographical scope and in the offer of services that will furthermore accelerate Izharia Ingeniería’s international expansion.

This will be a highly complementary outcome for the client portfolio, as Izharia Ingeniería primarily works in the private sector, while Meta Engineering has a mainly public sector portfolio.

As a result of this operation, the group will benefit from an important international presence, with offices in Mexico, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, representing an aggregate turnover of €30m in 2022. The consolidated EBITDA of both companies will exceed €3m in 2022, with a combined pipeline of orders in the region of €60m.

Izharia Ingeniería expects to close this year with a turnover of close to €6m, most of which comes from projects for Spanish energy operators and for leading players in the field of renewables, in both wind and solar power projects as well as in the green hydrogen segment, in which the company enjoys a prominent position.

Meta Engineering’s stakeholding in Izharia Ingeniería will not lead to any changes in the Madrid-based consultancy, whose current management team will remain under the leadership of Isabel López Ferrer. With over 20 years of experience in the power sector, she is a director of reference, as recognised by being named Businesswoman of the Year in 2018.

Her incorporation, along with that of her predominantly female executive team, also represents a step forward in improving group parity.

According to Enric Font, Meta Engineering’s CEO, “this operation represents a huge step forward for the group. The ability to generate synergies, along with geographic, client and product diversification, as well as the focus on sustainability contributed by Izharia Ingeniería, will allow Meta to accelerate our growth and consolidate our position as one of references in engineering in Spain”.

Meanwhile, Isabel López Ferrer, CEO of Izharia Ingeniería, highlights that “the incorporation of Izharia Ingeniería into the Meta group represents a great opportunity for the international expansion of our services, while giving a huge boost to our growth and generating a step change in our operations”.