Mexico plans to install 9,000 MW of wind power. A good tail wind for the industry at Mexico WindPower 2014

Esperanza Rico entrega a Pedro Joaquín Coldwel un ejemplar de FuturENERGY, la única revista técnica española presente en Mexico WindPower

With the slogan “With a tailwind” the International Mexico WindPower 2014 Conference and Exhibition was officially opened yesterday at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City. This major wind event is in its third edition and is organized by the Mexican Wind Energy Association (AMDEE), the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) and EJ Krause Mexico.
The event was chaired by the Secretary for Energy, Pedro Joaquín Coldwel, on behalf of President Enrique Peña Nieto. During his inaugural speech he highlighted the importance for government of promoting renewable energies, as well as this being part of the electoral commitment to reduce electricity charges and create a fabric for the renewable energy industry, which is not harmful to the environment.
Esperanza Rico presents Pedro Joaquín Coldwel with a copy of FuturENERGY, the only Spanish technical journal present at Mexico WindPower.
During the opening ceremony it was detailed how the energy reform, approved by the Mexican Congress and signed into law last December, marks the beginning of an energy transformation in Mexico, and represents the most important change in the power sector since the nationalization of the electricity industry in 1960.
The wind industry in Mexico began just seven years ago and now has an installed capacity of 1,917 MW spread over 25 farms, with 1,190 turbines and an investment of $3.8bn. Currently 6 projects are under construction and will come into operation between 2014 and 2015, adding 740 MW of wind energy to the Mexican power system.
The forecast for 2018 is to reach 9,000 MW of installed capacity with an investment of $14bn.
Key figures and entrepreneurs, both Mexican and foreign, met together for the opening ceremony, in addition to government officials and leaders of prestigious international organizations that foster and promote the development of the wind energy sector.
Given that this is such an important event, crucial to the development and support of the Mexican and global wind industry, for yet another year FuturENERGY is present at Mexico WindPower as the only Spanish technical magazine there to support and publicise everything that happens there at first hand, and hold interesting and productive talks with leading figures in the energy market.
Leonardo Beltran, Undersecretary for Power Planning and Transition at the Energy Department comments to Esperanza Rico, Director of FuturENERGY, on the article entitled “Energy Planning in Mexico” by Leonardo Beltran in our January / February edition. (To read this article, follow this link.)
Among the topics covered in this two-day conference are:
• A thorough analysis of the market for renewable energy which studies ways to boost these energies, particularly wind power.
• Of great interest is the regulation in Mexico after the recently adopted Energy Reform. On this panel, senior officials and legislators on the subject will present their views on the goals of this reform.
Enrique Ochoa Reza, Director General of the Federal Electricity Commission, listens to Esperanza Rico’s explanations on FuturENERGY as they discuss the Energy Reform in Mexico.
• Sustainable development and social responsibility where the economic, social and environmental benefits provided by wind power will be examined, including sources of specialized employment and sustainable development in areas where a wind farm is installed.
• Financing for wind projects. Experts from private, public and multilateral financial institutions will discuss the opportunities, challenges and financial solutions designed to support the growth of the Mexican wind market.
• Value chain. Subject matter experts will discuss the challenges and how to address them in order to put Mexico in the lead in the global wind power market.
Simultaneously with the Conference is an exhibition covering more than 5000 m2, where industry leaders present the latest in wind technology.