12 kWe micro CHP in a residential complex on Gran Vía 48 (Madrid)

    The building at number 48, Gran Vía in Madrid is a recently built luxury residential block on the site of Banco Atlántico’s former head offices. It is the first newly constructed building to grace Madrid’s Gran Vía since 1932, when work on the street was completed. The building has a centralised DHW production installation, with estimated consumption of 2500 litres daily. The thermal plant, located on the building’s roof and supplied by natural gas, uses as its main generator a high efficiency Altare KW 12G micro CHP unit. The micro CHP unit brings 28 kW of residual heat to a 1000 litre inertia inter-accumulator connected to the facility’s general discharge and return collector. The job of the inter-accumulator is to optimise the unit’s working cycles, reducing temperature fluctuations caused by in-home consumption.

    In order to meet peak thermal demand, a 68kW modulated condensation boiler has been installed alongside the CHP facility which works as a back-up generator for the main CHP installation. DHW is produced from the general collector through a plate exchanger in a 2000 litre consumption tank in the same room.

    The CHP unit is set up as though it were another boiler in the room, taking up less than 2m2. The unit’s control system allows it to be managed remotely, making supervision easier and optimising operating and maintenance.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2013