Minesto and Stena Line engage in joint project for build-up of the renewable energy sector in Wales

Minesto and Stena Line have signed an agreement in which Stena Line has committed to building an assembly hall on their land at the port in Holyhead, Wales. The assembly hall will be leased to Minesto and used for the upcoming rollout of Deep Green, Minesto’s unique technology for cost-effective electricity production from slowly flowing underwater currents.

Minesto’s first commercial power plant array will be installed in Holyhead Deep off the coast of North Wales. The company recently announced plans to expand the project from 10MW to 80MW installed capacity. This expansion would allow Minesto’s power plants to supply as many as 80,000 Welsh households with locally produced, reliable and renewable electricity.


The assembly hall in Holyhead Port is a key part of this process, allowing both assembly and service & maintenance of the power plants to take place in Holyhead Port.

Stena Line has been active in Holyhead for many years, as owner of the port and through the company’s ferry operations on the Irish Sea, with five routes connecting Ireland and Great Britain.

The assembly hall is scheduled for completion in June 2017.

Source: Minesto