Monitoring and controlling energy consumption as a basis for energy management systems in hotels

Following the sharp increases in the price of energy over the last six years and the increasingly widespread incorporation of installations that offer added value to the establishment but which increase its energy expenditure (spas, swimming pools, gymnasiums, etc.), the hotel sector today is aware of the significance of energy as part of its operating costs. Proof of this is that fact that a large proportion of hotels have undertaken, or are considering carrying out, some form of measure to improve energy efficiency.

However a very large number of establishments lack knowledge and information regarding the energy consumption generated, which prevents the development of energy efficiency improvement measures and reductions in consumption with the sufficient technical solvency and the possibility of measuring and verifying the sought-after savings.

It is very important that the hotel owner improves their knowledge in terms of when, how, where and how much energy is consumed by the facilities of each hotel, as in this way they will have access to very valuable information to aid the decisionmaking process on the improvement measures to be carried out, offering a real tool to subsequently verify their effectiveness. Read more…

Coralía Pino
Project Manager, Department of Sustainability and EnergyEfficiency, the Hotel Institute for Technology (ITH)

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2016