Multi-purpose heat pumps for geothermal applications. Geothermals, one more step towards energy efficiency

The use of heat pumps in geothermals is gaining ground in Europe’s residential sector as an alternative to traditional boilers. Geothermal sources are particularly suitable for heat pumps thanks to favourable thermal levels and constant temperatures throughout the year. Multi-purpose EXP systems with two-pipe installations are a development that benefit geothermal units and offer the most appropriate solution from an energy and easy installation viewpoint, at least for the residential sector. Air-to-water units have been on the market since the mid-1990s.

These are technologically advanced machines, only manufactured by a small group of companies and are currently available for geothermal systems, also in water-to-water mode. This configuration is even more interesting because it responds to a series of installation and operational problems that, as explained below, would otherwise be difficult to resolve.

The use of geothermal products in the residential sector primarily aims to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere to a minimum in line with the Kyoto Protocol. Water-to-water heat pumps are thermal generators capable of emitting the least CO2 in its different operating modes, much less than condensing boilers or an air-to-water heat pump. Read more…

Guillermo Martínez
Product Manager, Cooling Machines Sedical, S.A.

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2015