Multi-technology control centre to integrate 460 MW renewables

    The new RWE Innogy Aersa Control Centre that has been certified to act as an interface with CECRE (the Renewable Energy Control Centre) since February 2015, connects RWE’s 20 renewable energy facilities with REE, the Spanish Electricity Grid. As a result, it ensures that wind farms, in addition to hydropower and solar plants, can inject the energy generated by its 460 MW installed safely and with
    no penalties. Green Eagle Solutions, a provider of software solutions for renewable energy companies, has collaborated with RWE in the development of this Control Centre, meeting the high standards of quality and safety required by RWE. This centre uses CompactSCADA® technology to integrate power
    generation facilities that need to be integrated in a Control Centre to communicate with REE’s CECRE.

    RWE has extensive experience in the generation of renewable energy in Europe and has operated in Spain since 2002. Thanks to the processes and the set up developed over these years, the company is now putting its capabilities to work for third parties. The services offered go way beyond being a mere Dispatching Agent with REE, ensuring greater efficiency and value of the operations undertaken by renewable energy plants.

    This is possible thanks to a flexible system that adapts to the needs of the installation and not vice
    versa, as often happens. The system is furthermore very robust and stable as demonstrated by the fact that no incident has occurred with the system since its launch. Read more…

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2016