Multinational Fluidra entrusts Axpo with the supply of green energy


Axpo Iberia has signed an electric power supply agreement with Fluidra, a publicly traded multinational group from Spain and one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of solutions for swimming pools and wellness, water treatment, fluid irrigation and conduction. It is currently present in 44 countries through 150 delegations and production centres, distributing products to over 170 countries thanks to an extensive commercial network and a workforce of around 4,100 employees.

The supply agreement signed with Axpo Iberia shall apply to 55 supply sites located in 18 of the Group’s companies throughout Spain, amounting to a total annual demand of 27 GWh. As of now, the electric demand from all of its centres shall be solely provided by 100% renewable sources, with the subsequent reduction of their environmental impact.

Fluidra’s decision results from its Environmental Policy and adhesion to the United Nations Global Compact as a responsible company that builds its business model following approaches based on innovation and sustainability.

Aware of the necessity to commit to an effective environmental management, Fluidra has deployed in its production centres the ISO9001, ISO14001, and EMAS quality and environmental certification standards.

Within its commitment to optimise the natural resources used in production processes, the use of renewable energies perfectly fits as one of the cornerstones for a sustainable development in the future.Fluidra-(2)-baja

There are several benefits to contracting an environmentally certified supply: on one hand, it assists in complying with required environmental protocols and directives such as ISO 14001 or the EMAS Certification; additionally, it brings unquestionable benefits to corporate image as environmental aspects are increasingly valued by clients; and finally, this type of energy contributes to reduce the carbon footprint that is generated throughout the life cycle of many products.

The renewable energy supplied by Axpo is certified by CNMC, who issues a certificate per KW/h generated as it verifies its provenance from renewable sources, and guaranteed by RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System) certificates.  “For many years now, companies have made great efforts to devise improvements throughout their product life cycles. In that sense, contracting “green” energy from renewable sources is a simple, no added-cost initiative with a very important image value for companies and organisations”, stated Ignacio Soneira, CEO Axpo Iberia, after signing the agreement.

Since its entry into the Iberian market in 2002, Axpo Iberia has gradually expanded its lines of business in Spain and Portugal, now covering a wide range of services: marketing of electricity and gas; energy management for special regime producers; power generation control and load dispatching center (CECOGEL); structured products and trading in electricity, biomass, and CO2.