NEHOGAR: prototype of a nearly zero energy consumption house


The neHogar project in Asturias is a showcase of construction techniques applied to the design and construction of a “nearly Zero-Energy Building” which consumes 90% less energy, with an A energy rating and which minimizes its ecological footprint, resulting in an environmentally sustainable house with nearly zero energy consumption.

The construction of a residential block based on energy efficiency criteria involves the guarantee of significant savings on gas and electricity bills. But even if we are aware of these advantages, until recently energy consumption in housing has not been a relevant factor for builders or users. Coupled with this lack of interest was the extra cost involved in constructing a passive-type home, without this being recouped over the building’s useful life.

Today we are finding signs of the fact that slowly but surely things are beginning to change. An example of these winds of change is the project called neHogar, which has also been a successful story of collaboration between Asturian companies which are experts in energy, building and construction, as part of the Asturias Consortium for Energy Technology (AINER), along with the cooperation of the Asturian Energy Foundation (FAEN), also a member of the Consortium.

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2014