New 500 W range module series optimises BOS savings for ultra-large PV plants

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

Last 29 June, LONGi launched its new Hi-MO 5 module for ultra-large power plants. Hi-MO 5 is based on M10 gallium-doped monocrystalline wafers and uses smart soldering technology. The 72C module power reaches 540 W, with an efficiency of more than 21%. The Hi-MO 5 has been proven to be the product with the lowest LCOE for ultra-large power plants. When using a tracker system, the Hi-MO 5 will save more in tracker costs. Additionally, when using a string inverter, the Hi-MO 5 can significantly increase the DC to AC ratio, thus diluting the cost of all the equipment on the AC side and bringing more value to investors. This article explains how Hi-MO 5 performs so well on the BOS cost saving side and its underlying logic.

The calculation is based on the mainstream power of bifacial modules, with a 410 W G1 module and a 495 W G12 module compared with the Hi-MO 5.

The standard ambient conditions are set as follows: flat terrain, extreme low temperature of -13°C, high temperature of 40°C, basic wind pressure of 0.4 kN/m2, basic snow pressure of 0.5 kN/m2 with a tilt angle of 20°.