New bidding process for 170 MW in renewable energy investment will generate $ 340 million

A rebid of unconventional renewable energy opens the door for more investment in El Salvador.

For the new tender it has been allocated an output of 170 megawatts (MW) and exclusively associated with non-conventional renewable energy resources (solar and wind power). Provides energy tender a contract for a period of 20 years from 2019, the year when companies start supplying energy.

With such initiatives are met with the National Energy Policy, which between the lines is: diversifying the energy matrix of El Salvador, as well as opening new windows investment in El Salvador. It is anticipated that this new bidding process will generate an estimated $ 340 million to develop in the next two years investment. This new energy project will have a capacity to supply 280,000 households average consumption.

The bidding rules, which were approved by the Superintendency, will be available to interested parties from 15 June to 29 August this year and interested parties can send their technical and financial offers from 20 October 2016. Contracts of supplies will be signed in early 2017.

Importantly, the award should allocate 3% of its annual sales to social development projects in the communities where they are located the power plants.

Tenders of unconventional renewable energy promoted by the government have a clear objective: to diversify the energy matrix of El Salvador, so that by 2019 you clean technologies will cover at least 13.4% of the energy demand in El Salvador.

The energy sector is one of the drivers of the economy, and has proven to be key to development and investment in El Salvador, it is why the Five Year Development Plan provides the precise guidelines to SIGET to target this sector as one of the pillars of economic growth.


Source: SIGET