New CHP plant for a rubber products manufacturer

At the end of 2014 the company Industrias de Hule Galgo decided to undertake the installation project of an efficient CHP plant for its production plant, with the aim of bringing down energy costs and improving the company’s competitive position in the market. The new plant has already started its first operational phase. The project has comprised the installation of a single cycle with gas-powered gensets providing a total electrical capacity of 6.6 MW. This provides the necessary thermal oil for the production plant; covers 100% of the electrical power consumed by the industrial complex; and also generates cooling water, giving improved production capacity by supercooling the extrusion system.
To execute these works, Industrias de Hule Galgo contracted the services of engineering company AESA to provide the engineering, procurement and construction of the CHP plant.

Industrias de Hule Galgo S.A. de CV, based in Tula, Hildalgo, is a private company that has a plant dedicated to the production of tyre treads for the renovation of tyres and inner tubes. This project has meant that the purchase of grid electricity and natural gas for its thermal needs has been replaced by an efficient cogeneration system that guarantees the generation of electricity, thermal oil and cooling for the company’s factory.

The CHP plant has been designed in a single cycle configuration with gas-powered gensets and heat recovery boilers. Its cooling water production system works via the recovery of heat from the engine’s high temperature circuit to cool the product via an absorption chiller. The plant offers a production capacity of some 6.6 MW ISO. Read more…

Ricard Vila & Cristina Martí, AESA

Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2016