New GoodWe’s three-phase energy storage inverter

Recently GoodWe announced that they are starting to take orders for its brand-new ET Series three-phase energy storage inverter which has been already certified by VDE4105. This is the most compact and lightweight inverter in the market with maximum efficiency of 98.3%, equipped with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) function, backup overloading, AC charging functions and open-protocol EMS communication system.

Covering a power range of 5 kW, 8 kW and 10 kW, the ET Series allows 30% DC oversizing to fully maximize yield during extreme hot and cold weather and features a wide battery voltage range of 180 – 550 V to ensure customers flexibility choices and compatibility with different type of lithium battery. Furthermore, it features UPS function to inductive loads such as air conditioners or refrigerators with an automatic switchover time of less than 10 ms. It is also equipped with AC charging function whereas alternative current is able to charge the battery even when the inverter has not met its maximum performance.

When installing ET Series, battery will not be damaged by accidental swap of the positive and negative polarity which help to ensures safety battery installation. Not only that, GoodWe ET allows backup overloading up to 100%, which allows quick restart for inductive load such as A/C while it will not cause harm to any electrical appliances. The inverter is also in-built with open-protocol EMS communication system as it ensures interconnections between grid companies and batteries to dispatch electricity freely.

Compact and powerful ET series delivers independence and non-stop energy for both households and commercial applications.

Source: GoodWe