New markets for home automation thanks to an innovative wireless system

eNet is a wireless home automation system that is very easy and quick to install. Its advanced technology operates and controls lighting, blinds, shades and motorised curtains. Its functions include the option to programme settings and moods with the added advantage that it is fully portable and can be connected to other Jung systems. In addition, eNet from Jung offers significant added value from the point of view of energy efficiency.

Apart from considerations regarding the current economic climate, home automation frequently comes up against insurmountable difficulties that hinder its deployment and implementation. On numerous occasions, and not just in the case of refurbishments, cutting the necessary channels to rewire an obsolete electrical installation and introducing the communication lines required by home automation devices, is simply impossible from a budgetary or technical standpoint. This disparity also occurs where there are expensive or historically or artistically valuable interiors that must be preserved on any account. All these obstacles constitute a problem that is frequently hard to solve. Until now.


The solution is called eNet and has been created by Jung. It involves a home automation control system, via an 868.3 MHz radio frequency for electrical installations, that can be adapted to any type of buildings, whether residential or tertiary, and which resolves a host of issues when refurbishing homes, offices, businesses, etc. Read more…

Antonio Moreno
Technical Director, Jung Electro Ibérica, S.A.

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2017