New special socket for electric bicycles, scooters and mopeds

FuturENERGY December 2021-January 2022

Nuevo enchufe especial para bicicletas, scooters y patinetes eléctricos

The new SCHUKO® socket outlet for bicycles and scooters expands the WG 800 surface-mounted range of electronic
mechanisms from JUNG, in addition to reaffirming the German manufacturer’s commitment to bringing solutions
to the growing sustainable mobility sector based on personal mobility electric vehicles.

Protecting and conserving the environment is a global emergency today but has always been a priority for JUNG. For the German manufacturer it is not enough to develop technologies of the future, efficiently use raw materials or adopt environmentally friendly production processes. This commitment must also be visible through products designed to meet the new needs arising from a society that is increasingly more involved in sustainability, the resource economy and care of the environment.

This is the context behind the new SCHUKO® socket from JUNG, with its high visibility 22×48 mm inscription field that includes the symbols of a bicycle and a scooter. This make it easier to be identified by passers-by and users that are not familiar with high traffic environments such as hotel car parks, shopping centres, municipal premises, etc.