Nice Grid: an example of a smart city


    The increase in demand, the need to store energy to optimize the use of renewable sources, the search for sustainable and efficient systems, the increase in intermittent renewable energy, and integrating the latest information technology systems with electricity transmission systems are the major challenges that cities have to face in the coming years. These and other challenges are being tackled together in a pioneering smart city project in Nice which Alstom has recently announced through a press trip held in mid-February, which FuturEnergy had the pleasure of attending.

    This trip was an opportunity to find out, at first hand, about the pilot project in the district of Carros, and delve further into how new technologies will shape future electricity grids and intelligent networks, helping to develop more modern, efficient and sustainable cities.

    Governments and businesses are working around the world to respond jointly to the urgent need to revolutionize the way we obtain and use energy, especially in cities, since this accounts for two thirds of global energy demand and is the largest source of pollution, responsible for 70% of global CO2 emissions. Smart grids aim to develop a new system of energy management which will meet the needs of future cities.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2014