Nordex closes an excellent summer with various wind turbine orders

Parque eólico de Nordex en Brasil / Nordex wind farm in Brazil

Over this summer, and more specifically the period from the end of July to the end of August, Nordex has signed various wind turbine supply contracts. The good news started on 27 July when Nordex was awarded a significant 243 MW wind turbine order for the United States. Specifically, the manufacturer signed an agreement to supply 81 AW125/3000 turbines to a wind farm in Texas. The turbines are designed for IEC-2 medium-wind sites. Each of the turbines for this contract in the USA will be equipped with a 125-m rotor to be installed on an 87.5-m tubular steel tower. Installation is expected to begin in early 2017.

On 1 August Nordex signed an agreement to install 22 AW125/3000 wind turbines in Brazil for EDF Energies Nouvelles. Acciona Windpower signed the contract for this project in 2015, prior to the merger with Nordex. The project that was booked as a firm order in June 2016, has already been included in the H1 report. The wind turbines will be installed in the Ventos da Bahia I wind farm, situated in the state of Bahia in eastern Brazil. Developed by Sowitec, the wind farm will have a total capacity of 66 MW. The Nordex Group will supply ten AW125/3000 turbines with 120-m concrete towers and a further twelve 100-m concrete towers.

It was on 8 August that the company received a new order as part of its framework agreement with Finland’s Taaleri. Under this new order, the manufacturer will supply a further 11 N131/3000 turbines for the Kivivaara-Peuravaara wind farm, bringing the total number of turbines supplied for this project up to 30.

The site of this wind farm is particularly challenging due to the turbulence that can be caused by its surrounding forests and hills as well as by the low temperatures that can result in icing. For this reason Nordex is supplying wind turbines with 144-m high tubular steel towers to reduce the effect of turbulence, equipped with an anti-icing system to prevent ice formation on the rotor blades, thereby increasing yields by up to 25% under icing conditions.

The signature of contracts for last month closed on 30 August with a contract with Brookfield Renewables for the supply of 11 N90/2500 wind turbines. These units will be installed in the Slievecallan East wind farm, situated in County Clare on Ireland’s west coast. It is expected to start operation in late 2017 and will have a nominal capacity of 27.5 MW. Nordex will be supplying strong-wind turbines with 80-m tubular steel towers and will also be responsible for the foundation work. The order includes a full 15-year premium service contract.