What’s new in 2013: the state of CSP

    The CSP sector went back into business, after a 30 year interruption, when Nevada Solar I started operating in 2006 near Las Vegas and subsequently PS10 in Seville. It was Spain, with its favourable, feed-in tariff-based, regulatory environment which led the revolution in the sector. However, the onset of the economic crisis in 2008 complicated the development of this promising sector and made it ever more globalised and competitive. With Spain toppled from its leadership position, which country will be next to reign over the CSP industry?

    Despite recent problems which have arisen in traditional markets, particularly in Spain, the world CSP market continues to evolve. As CSP Today’s Global Tracker shows, over 15 GW of CSP is at different stages of development worldwide. The most interesting detail is the amount of operating capacity, which is over 2.7 GW, partly due to Spanish plants which have connected recently.

    The figure will soon change drastically with over 600 MW coming onto the grid in the US, when Ivanpah and Solana start up. The portfolio of projects under construction is also pretty solid and should have a major impact on general operating capacity in around a year’s time.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2013