November-December 2020

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Izharia was born out of the adverse professional situation being experienced at that time by Isabel López Ferrer, the CEO and founder of the company, and the support of a good friend who not only believed in her but also encouraged her to set up an engineering firm with him – a complete surprise for Isabel who had never seen herself as a business owner.

The first task was to choose the name and, apart from all the administrative procedures, start working to win projects. It took less than three months for them to arrive. The first was a renewable project: second phase engineering for the Trillo PV plant where the EPC was undertaken by Siemens for Fotovatio. This was in January 2011, and after a period of real boom, few renewables projects were being constructed in Spain. Next came a 220 kV line for a hydro plant commissioned by Euroconsult, and one by one, Izharia’s portfolio started to grow. Friends and former collaborators were vital in the earliest days of the company, given that it started out with a strong technical background but hardly any references. It is also worth remembering that from 2010 to 2013, Spain was in the midst of a major economic crisis, during which almost no electrical works were undertaken. A great deal of imagination was necessary to find an effective business model with little commercial outlay.

Given the paucity of projects in Spain, Izharia reinvented itself to undertake engineering works for leading Spanish companies that were going overseas to find work, thus limiting their risk. And this was how the company started working in Australia, Peru, Jordan, Colombia and Mauritania.



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