Number of electric cars worldwide climbs to 1.3 million

In its latest analysis, the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) found that electric mobility is making significant inroads. The researchers’ fact-finding efforts revealed that the number of electric cars around the globe nearly doubled to currently around 1.3 million. While China saw the steepest rise with more than 200,000 new vehicles last year, the USA has the world’s biggest fleet overall with more than 400,000 electric vehicles on the road. With 55.250 electric cars, Germany continues to lag far behind countries such as Japan, the Netherlands, Norway and France.

Last year the number of electrically powered cars increased worldwide by almost 750,000 to around 1.3 million. The ZSW came to this total in its latest assessment of developments in electric mobility. The researchers recorded around 550,000 new registrations in 2015, up 68% from last year when 330,000 new electric vehicles were sold. Many of these new electric cars – just over 207,000 – are motoring on China’s roads. And with that, the fleet of electric vehicles in China has tripled in number to 307,000. More electric cars – a total of 410,000 – are registered in the United States than in any other country.

Norway defended its international lead in terms of electric vehicles’ percentage share of all cars nationwide: Around 3% of some 2.64 million cars in this Scandinavian country run on electricity. By comparison, the share in Germany is just 0.12 percent. What’s more, Norway nearly doubled the size of its fleet to about 79,000 cars. Every fifth new registration last year was an electric vehicle.Sin-título-2

While customers in other countries such as China, Japan and France have long bought predominantly domestic models, this trend is also on the upswing in Germany thanks to a growing number of German models: Just over half of the 23,460 electric vehicles sold in Germany in 2015 were built by German manufacturers. This was also the first year that a German-made model appeared on the list of best-selling e-cars worldwide with 36,550 BMW i3s on the road. The Nissan Leaf heads up this list with 193,260 sold since 2010.

The Tesla Model S took the top spot among new registrations in 2015 with 42,730 vehicles sold. The US carmaker’s model edged out a pair of Japanese models, the Mitsubishi Outlander (41,080) and the Nissan Leaf (40,270) in the rankings. It was also the first time a Chinese manufacturer earned a spot among the market leaders with 31,900 BYD Qin sold.