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Ingeteam is awarded the largest pv project in Europe

Investment funds and the maintenance of renewables installations
European wind energy set to grow but clouds are gathering on the horizon
European offshore wind: the impact of zero-subsidy bids
More reliable bearing supports for wind turbines thanks to optimised designs and 4.0 solutions
New optimal offshore power conversion architecture based on an in-depth LCOE study

A unique opportunity for e-mobility
More GDP, less CO2 and an extra 23,000 jobs: a vision of SPAIN committed to the electric vehicle
Rouen Normandy Autonomous Lab: e-mobility shared, autonomous and on-demand on the open road
The Barcelona metropolis supports shared e-bikes
The green charging market
The silent revolution in goods distribution
Innovative, efficient and competitive urban transport solutions based on e-mobility
Madrid commits to sustainable mobility

Electricity storage: the next energy revolution
Battery modelling for energy storage
The inherent connection between energy intensive consumption sectors and energy storage

Implementation of sustainable measures in Spain’s hotel infrastructure
Smart and automated management of hotel installations: increased comfort and energy efficiency
Digitisation of the hotel sector

August-September 2018

Cover story



Ingeteam will be responsible for the supply, commissioning and provision of services for Europe’s largest solar PV project, located in the region of Murcia. The company has secured the contract for the Mula project, whose installed power capacity of 500 MWp will make it the largest PV plant in Spain and Europe. The plant is expected to enter into operation by the end of 2019 thanks to the connection to the El Palmar substation, a strategic hub for the power transmission grid in Murcia.


Covering almost 1,000 hectares, the Mula solar plant will produce more than 750 million kWh per year, providing sufficient energy to supply a city of the size of the regional capital. The scale of the project makes this a unique initiative for the region, positioning Murcia as a leading renewables producer at global level.

Ingeteam will supply a total of 238 central PV inverters and undertake the work to unload, position and connect the plant’s 74 inverter stations, as well as commissioning and the electromechanical installation.

This new contract strengthens Ingeteam’s position in the country, where the company is set to close this year with a total of 2,000 MW in PV, inverters supplied to the Spanish market. A milestone to which is added the provision of 900 MW in PV maintenance services across Spain.

Ingeteam uses Smart Data to reduce costs and prolong the service life of wind farms

Ingeteam has presented a new version of its powerful data analysis tool, Ingeboards, continuing its progress in smart information management. Ingeboards assesses the performance of O&M tasks by analysing certain indicators that combine all the technical and operational information on a wind farm with the data associated with surrounding conditions, equipping the daily O&M management of this type of installations and others in the renewable energy sector, to which this company provides its services, with intelligence.

Companies such as Ingeteam, which offer O&M services, need to manage very diverse projects within the same sector where each client has its own renewable technology. In the case of wind power, each client has its own fleet, comprising equipment from different manufacturers, different technological platforms and even, despite having the same models of turbines, their systems and subsystems can vary.