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R5 Series rooftop grid connection solar inverters for smart energy


LONGi PV module capacity exceeds 20 GW


  • EU solar boom: Over 100% market growth in 2019
  • China is shaping the future of solar energy
  • R&D: The key to developing innovative, more powerful and efficient PV modules
  • Hybridisation: A profitably disruptive strategy for energy
  • Optimisation of hybrid systems through energy storage
  • Integral development of renewables projects. The Recas PV project
  • Fastening, organisation and protection solutions for cabling in solar plants


  • Offshore wind set to become a one trillion dollar industry
  • R&D, the key to optimising O&M strategies in the wind power sector
  • Floating wind power: Brazil as an active player in the race for clean energy
  • Saving resources with a new wind turbine foundation design
  • Specialised engineering solutions for the renewables sector
  • “Samba” auctions, a model for Latin America


  • Efficiency, the holy grail of the industrial sector
  • Two energy-efficient CHP units, burning residual methane, are commissioned in Germany
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Cover story


Founded in 2005, Guangzhou Sanjing Electric Co., Ltd (SAJ) is one of the largest global inverter specialists for renewable energy conversion, transmission and storage. It supplies grid connection inverters (0.7 – 60 kW), hybrid inverters, retrofit kits and monitoring platforms. In 2017, the company enjoyed a 24% market share of China’s residential PV market and was ranked among the Top 10 global manufacturers of residential solar inverters by IHS. In 2019, SAJ achieved 25% of the market share for residential storage inverters in the Australian PV market. Its latest product range, the R5 Series rooftop grid connection solar inverter, won the TÜV Rheinland “All Quality Matters” Award for the PV Inverter for Home Use Category in 2019. SAJ has now launched this product range in Spain to respond to the different needs of the solar market.
  After adding an estimated 4.7 GW in 2019, Spain is once again Europe’s solar market leader. The requirements for grid connection solar inverters in the Spanish market vary widely depending on their needs of use. Taking into account market demands such as zero export, 24/7 load consumption monitoring applied to self-consumption and the potential development of storage systems, SAJ has launched its latest product, the R5 Series rooftop grid connection solar inverters in Spain, which comply with local market requirements. The R5 Series: inverters for smart energy The R5 Series covers an output ranging from 0.7 to 20 kW. This is specially designed for rooftop PV installations, with different models that adapt to both residential solar systems as well as to small- and medium-scale commercial systems. The series comprises the following models: R5-0.7K/1K/1.5K/2K/2.5K/3K-S1 (single-phase, 1 MPPT); R5-3K/3.6K/4K/ 5K/6K/7K/8K-S2 (single-phase, 2 MPPTs); and R5-4K/5K/6K/8K/9K/10K/12K/13K/15K/17K/2 0K-T2 (three-phase, 2 MPPTs). Single-phase models are available up to 8 kW. These inverters are very competitive for the grid connection solar inverter market as they respond to increasingly more demanding needs as regards safety, reliability and smart energy management. The R5 Series incorporates many protection measures to ensure safe operation. According to the TÜV test report, there is no power reduction up to 60ºC, which guarantees efficient operation in hot climates, such as in Spain. In addition to being compact and light, the R5 Series inverters achieve a maximum efficiency of 98.3%. None of R5 Series models have external fans, even up to 20 kW, thereby ensuring silent running…