October 2019

FuturENERGY Digital – N 64

Cover Story


Aerzen is one of the world’s leading application specialists in the handling and compression of gases, with energy efficient and resource-conserving products and production processes. As one of the world’s oldest and most important manufacturers of positive displacement blowers, rotary lobe compressors, screw compressors and turbo blowers, the company stands out thanks to its outstanding innovation and is one of the market leaders in many areas of application. Now the company is launching a series of new oil-free screw compressors. Thanks to individual configuration characteristics and its optimised design, the 2C Series ensures high operational reliability and high efficiency.

Oil-free technology is vital for many processes and for sensitive areas, it is essential for safety, reliability and availability. The possible consequences of a contaminated medium include not only contamination of the end product, but also contamination of the system as a whole, causing plant downtime, production losses and hence high costs.

The innovative compressed air technology developed by Aerzen is completely oil-free according to ISO 8573-1, Class 0, and guarantees 100% product purity. 

However, oil-free also means lower costs, because there is no need for complex filter technology or the preparation of oil-based condensates. As a result, it is possible to avoid additional maintenance work and energy losses caused by pressure drops in filters. Oil-free operation saves resources, energy and thus helps to protect the environment.

Aerzen oil-free screw compressors are used in a variety of highly demanding areas of application, where the quality of the conveyed medium can significantly influence the production process and the finished product. These applications are found in chemical/petrochemical process engineering, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, the food and beverage, textile and medical industries, as well as the energy industry.