Off-grid PV self-consumption installation in a public park

FuturENERGY February 2019

Having described several PV self-consumption projects in past issues of FuturENERGY: self-consumption installation with a surplus in industry (issue No. 55, November), in public administration buildings (issue No. 47, February) and in the residential sector (issue No. 50, May), the article in this edition describes a new project involving an off-grid 16.2 kWp PV self-consumption installation for a public park. The project was developed, executed and commissioned by Jonsok Autoconsumo last January for the companies Alterna Cooperativa Valenciana and AIU “La Macaria”, in the Valencian town of Albalat dels Sorells.

Off-grid urban development…

At the height of the construction crisis in October 2013, and with the authorisation and collaboration of the Albalat dels Sorells Town Hall, the urban interest group company AIU “La Macaria” promoted an Urban Improvement Project to develop and adapt a total of 65,000 m2 in the neighbourhood of La Macaria. Half of this area is currently allocated to a public park and the rest to the construction of dwellings.

Right from the start of the adaptation process, Iberdrola Distribución had informed the developers that it was impossible, in the short-term, to provide a power supply with enough capacity to cover the new development. The electrification of the first homes to be constructed has already started on a temporary basis, however the final supply voltage is not yet connected. To irrigate the landscaped areas, the mains water connection for the residential development was being used, with the resultant additional cost this involved for the developers.

By José Rodríguez Fuentes
CEO and Founding Partner, JONSOK Autoconsumo, S.L.