Online business of wind turbine spare parts is booming despite recession caused by the coronavirus

The Hamburg-based online distributor of spare parts for wind turbines, WINDSOURCING.COM, can look back on a successful first half of 2020, and in contrast to the economic crisis triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic, the provider was even able to expand its business further. The company sees one reason for this, above all, in its long-established online strategy.

The first six months of 2020 were consistently successful for the Hamburg-based company WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH, which specialises in the online sale of components and repair materials for wind turbines: The company was again able to increase its sales compared to the first half of 2019. Despite the sudden collapse of the global economy due to the COVID 19 pandemic that broke out in January 2020, the company, which was founded in Hamburg in 2013, did not have to take advantage of any government aid. In June 2020, WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH even recorded its strongest month in terms of sales since its foundation. Under the management of Stefan Weber (founder and managing director of WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH), the company was able to further strategically expand its business: In addition to the launch of its own B2B online shop in February 2020, other supply partners such as the coating material manufacturers Bergolin and Mankiewicz were added to the portfolio and international markets expanded.

Online approach as success factor

Since 2013 WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH has been pursuing a consistent online strategy. With a multitude of digitalised and automated work processes, the company is one of the first providers of this kind on the market. Initially, the transmission of product information, merchandise management and customer communication were digital. Then, with the launch of an extensive online shop in February of this year, the entire purchasing process was digitalized for the customer. Since then, the entire information and purchasing process can be carried out easily and automatically via the online shop.

The chosen strategy is proving to be far-sighted in the current situation, as the constant increase in orders and customer numbers shows. Stefan Weber, Managing Director of WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH, comments: “It is now becoming even more apparent than before Corona that we are meeting a very large demand on the market with our digital offer. Our strategy of offering various products for the wind industry exclusively online, thus making information and goods directly available to customers in many important wind markets worldwide, has proven to be absolutely right and we will continue to pursue this path consistently“.

Further business expansion planned for the second half of 2020

The company intends to build on the successful results of the first half of 2020 in the course of the year. It plans to expand its product portfolio and intensify its relationships with customers and suppliers. In addition, WINDSOURCING.COM GmbH would like to use its pioneering position in the market to further promote digitalisation within the industry. “For us, this phase has proven once again that only a complete digitalization of business processes is truly up-to-date and meets the current needs of customers around the globe. Unfortunately, we repeatedly find that only a few companies in the wind industry have fully automated and digitized processes to date, such as automated notification of delivery delays. I would therefore like to encourage all players in the industry to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital processes. Digitalized structures play a decisive role if the turnaround of energy policy is to succeed.