Optimising temperature control in schools

FuturENERGY July-September 2020

A significant network of educational centres exists today which, because of their use and features, form part of the group of intensive energy consumption buildings, and this represents a huge potential for energy and economic saving as regards their operation. And now more than ever, we recognise that the conditions for teaching work and the learning of our young people greatly depends on the motivation and on the conditions that the classroom or area in which face-to-face education takes place must offer. The Commercial & Industrial division of Bosch Thermotechnology consolidates its commitment to implementing projects that promote sustainability in this type of building.

Aware that the demand for temperature control constitutes one of the biggest energy consumptions in this type of buildings, the Commercial & Industrial division of Bosch Thermotechnology, part of the Bosch Group, has renewed and optimised these systems in a vast number of schools with the aim of reducing the energy expenditure and improving comfort levels in the classroom.

School facilities have traditionally been equipped with heating systems without taking into account the need these premises have for cooling, due to the simple fact the centres are closed in summer.