Passive fire protection for the battery recycling sector

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Recent newspaper headlines have all too often contained events such as fires and explosions in installations where batteries are stored for their subsequent recycling, as well as the hazard this poses, not only for the installations themselves, but also for neighbouring businesses. Moreover, we are facing a growing risk due to the increase in the use of li-ion batteries and consequently, the increased amount of batteries that need to be collected, transported, sorted and recycled. Promat benefits from extensive experience in this field using different technologies to resolve any challenge and adjusting different materials to a wide range of applications, fire rates and systems.

The growth in sales of electric vehicles, whether cars, bicycles, scooters or forklift trucks, along with the use of other devices such as mobile phones, is generating a significant increase in the need to recycle batteries that have reached the end of their service life, a period that can range from some 6 years in the case of mobile phones and e-bikes, up to 15 years in the case of electric cars.