Petrobras presents pre-salt results and prospects at a conference during the OTC 2015

Director of Exploration and Production at Petrobras, Solange Guedes, offered a general overview of pre-salt at the Offshore Technology Conference 2015 in Houston (U.S.) where Petrobras received the OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organisations and Institutions. Guedes explained the evolution of this new frontier, the challenges overcome, the predictability of the results achieved, as well as highlighting the financial viability of pre-salt.

“We can guarantee that pre-salt is viable with a production cost of nine dollars per barrel. Taking into account that two of the production units are not yet working at full capacity, production costs will drop yet further. Operational efficiency is in the region of 92% which significantly contributes to achieving these lower costs” said Guedes.

The director highlighted that pre-salt productivity has exceeded all expectations. Currently, average production from the pre-salt layer of the Santos Basin exceeds 25,000 barrels per day (bpd). Five wells each produce more than 30,000 bpd and the Sapinhoá and Lula fields have wells where the average production can reach 40,000 bdp.