Photovoltaic energy generation has broken all records so far this year and has already exceeded the total it generated throughout the whole of 2021

La generación fotovoltaica bate récords en lo que llevamos de año y supera lo que generó en todo 2021

The installed solar power generation fleet in Spain currently represents 14.6% of Spain’s total generation fleet. Thus, photovoltaic energy is close to becoming the third electricity generation technology nationwide in terms of installed power capacity.

Photovoltaic energy generation is breaking its own records. So far this year, production with this technology has already reached 21,001 GWh, surpassing the figure it set for the whole of 2021 (20,954 GWh). 

So far in 2022, with the data available at the time of this press release, solar photovoltaic energy has increased its production by 37.3% compared to the same period of 2021. Thus, from January up until 6 September, photovoltaic energy is the fourth technology in the generation mix nationwide.

Solar photovoltaic energy is undoubtedly one of the major players in the growth made by renewables in Spain. In 2021, this technology was noteworthy as being the one that increased the most in terms of both production and installed power capacity. As at the time of this press release, the solar power generation fleet in Spain has reached 16,959 MW, which represents 14.6% of all technologies, closely following hydro (14.8%). In fact, solar photovoltaic is expected to be the third technology in terms of installed power capacity before the end of the year, surpassing hydro.