14 MW CHP plant for a Mexican zinc compound and paperboard producer


The end of 2014 and the start of 2015 saw the commissioning of the CHP plant that supplies electrical power and steam to Zinc Nacional’s factory in the metropolitan area of Monterrey (Nuevo León, Mexico). Designed and constructed with a combined-cycle configuration, the new CHP plant has an average capacity of 14.4 MW and will be able to cover the energy demand of its metallurgy and paper manufacturing production centres. Promax Energía contracted the engineering company AESA to undertake the project management, engineering, assistance for managing procurement and permits, works management and the commissioning of the CHP plant.

The CHP plant has been designed with a combined-cycle configuration, providing the steam required and all the electrical energy consumed at the Zinc Nacional industrial complex and with the excess electricity capacity being exported to Promax Energía’s partners.

The CHP plant complies with the highest energy efficiency standards, allowing to achieve an equivalent electrical efficiency (EEE) of 76% against an expected annual mean value of 69% and an average annual CHP efficiency of 56% (minimum required value of 10% in line with current regulations). These values allow the economic feasibility of the plant to be guaranteed in the light of any economic scenario or pricing framework that could arise, providing Zinc Nacional and Promax Energía with the security of an adequate return on the investment made and a significant saving in energy costs throughout the useful life of the plant.