Why is CSP the answer to Chile’s energy challenge?

    It is now official: a 110 MW CSP plant is to be built in Chile. Abengoa proposed that the solar power tower, Cerro Dominador, be built after the invitation to tender by the Corporation for the Promotion of Production (CORFO in its Spanish acronym) and the Chilean Ministry of Energy, announced last year. This international tender was presented as a proof of concept, so that energy buyers, such as mining companies and utilities, who are usually quite conservative, could see the reliability of electricity production in situ. Nevertheless, apart from proof of concept and even of clean energy, CSP may prove to be key to long-term economic growth in Chile. The following article is an excerpt from the Torres report on CSP and Chile, published by CSP Today and produced by Belén Gallego and Marco Poliafico, revealing the advantages this project, and therefore CSP technology, can bring to the country.

    CSP plants can easily produce electricity for 24 hours a day continuously, or store energy at times of maximum solar radiation to meet demand later when needed.

    It is the storage capacity of CSP technology which is a load factor of 94.5% in Cerro Dominador equal to or greater than combined gas cycle.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2014