Power Electronics presents the novelties of its electric range at EVS35, Europe’s largest electric vehicle event

Power Electronics presenta las novedades de su gama eléctrica en EVS35, el mayor evento de vehículos eléctricos de Europa

The multinational Power Electronics is presenting its latest developments in electric mobility at EVS35, Europe’s largest electric vehicle event, which is being held in Oslo from June 13 to 15 and is attended by the world’s leading firms and experts.

The company will present its latest products focused on cleaner transport, one of the areas with the greatest development and innovation of Power Electronics and in constant expansion boosted by the good performance of the sector. During 2021, sales of electric vehicles in Europe increased considerably and reached 10’3% of the market, compared to 1’3% recorded in 2018. The trend is already unstoppable, and the Oslo event has become the most prominent in this field in the old continent.

Power Electronics describes its participation in this fair as strategic. EVS35 is held in a leading country in electric mobility, Norway, which already has 80% of its car fleet electrified. Undoubtedly, official subsidies for the purchase of this type of vehicle have boosted sales, which is why Europe is already the second largest market for this type of vehicle, both in terms of volume and market penetration. Another fact to consider is that 2021 closed with an increase in the number of 100% electric models, from 25 to 75.

The multinational will exhibit the NBw30, the V2G solution that combines design and state-of-the-art technology. It is a DC charger that combines all needs in a single product with a wide voltage range. Capable of charging a vehicle with CSS connector or being configured with CSS+CHAdeMO in alternative charging with a power of 30 kW. It will also carry the NB120 and Nb240 standalone family chargers. Buyers may also be interested in the NB City, the most powerful AC charger for its ability to charge two cars at the same time.