First quality seal for biofuels in the south of Europe

The BIOMASUD project has awarded the first seal of quality for biofuels in the south of Europe. Following initial pilot audits, carried out in 2013, the first two BIOMASUD seals were awarded to companies producing olive stones and wood chips. The companies in question are ESS (Energía Sierra Segura), based in Albacete, and MITRAFOR in Aragón.
ESS specialises in converting olive stones from the olive oil mills of Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia into biofuels for domestic and industrial use. The company was awarded the class A quality seal for olive stones. The class A seal is BIOMASUD’s highest quality award.
A few days later, the second pilot audit was carried out at MITRAFOR. This Aragon-based company carries out projects and construction in the natural environment and has begun to provide logistics and distribution solutions for forest biomass. One of the products it will supply is wood chips of domestic quality that are compliant with the highest BIOMASUD certification standards. For this reason, the product received the class A1 seal of quality for wood chips.