Propane or diesel: efficient and sustainable technologies for tourism establishments

Optimising the energy installations of a hotel not only requires actions that involve the replacement of machinery. The first step for a large number of hotel establishments in Spain is to promote the change in the energy used for another less pollutant, more efficient source, that is of course more affordable. Following the sharp increases experienced in recent years in the price of diesel, one of the fuels proposed as an alternative is propane gas. The cost difference indicates that propane is both cheaper and cleaner as an energy source.

When comparing the efficiency of diesel and propane as a heating fuel, the latter is approximately 20% more efficient than diesel (specifically diesel C which is sold for heating). In addition higher levels of performance can be achieved with the installation of high efficiency boilers.

The installation cost of the propane tanks is lower than that of diesel units in addition to being less pollutant and easier to maintain. There are different types of propane gas tank, sunken or elevated, and each one has to comply with a series of conditions for its installation as well as requiring proper maintenance. Generally, their maintenance is the responsibility of the supplier, whether rented or if the client owns the property. Read more…

Coralía Pino López
Project Manager, Department of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency ITH, Hotel Institute for Technology

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2015