Project for the sale of 20 MW of thermal power from biomass for a paper manufacturer

The largest ESCO in Spain for the industrial power generation


At the end of 2014, Airspeed Nuevas Tecnologías, the largest Energy Services Company or ESCO to have been set up in Spain for industrial power generation, commissioned its 20 MW thermal biomass plant next to the premises of Papelera de La Alquería in L’Alquería d’Asnar (Alicante).

With an investment of around of 4 M€ the plant, that produces steam for the industrial processes of the paper factory, is able to generate thermal power of around 100,000 MWh per year that will be sold on via the ESCO to the industrial end user, Papelera de La Alquería. Airspeed Nuevas Tecnologías, set up 50% between LSolé Bioenergía and Papelera de La Alquería, will transfer ownership of the plant to the industrial end user once the energy supply contract has run for five years.

The plant produces 30 t/h of steam at a working pressure of 14 bar by means of a biomass boiler and has a contracted guaranteed availability of 8,208 hours per year. The return on the supply of steam represents a discount in the region of 20% on the previous cost for the paper manufacturer that used run off a gas-powered CHP plant. Once the ownership of the biomass plant has been handed-over after the above five-year period has elapsed, the thermal power saving for the end user is estimated to reach 50% (provided there is no increase in the price of gas).