ENSMART Project, energy modelling for smart cities


    The ENSMART project involves the collaboration of DINSA, the Universities of Salamanca and Vigo and companies Marsan Ingenieros and Ingeniería Insitu. It aims to develop 3D energy mapping of the cities by using three vehicles especially equipped to record data on the thermal cladding of buildings.

    The need to manage the data acquired has lead to the creation of two data management systems: one to view the data gathered that facilitates tasks such as data interpretation and the assessment of pathologies; and another to generate 3D models of the buildings inspected with a view to entering them into CAD platforms and undertaking modification and management tasks.

    The energy consumed by the services associated with buildings represents around one third of the entire energy consumption of the EU and of the total CO2 emissions, ahead of the consumption by industry or transport. This is why the rationalisation of energy consumption in this sector has become a priority for the energy policies of both Spain and Europe.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY September 2014