European Project Life Domotic: demonstration of models for optimisation of technologies for intelligent construction

DOMOTIC is a European project within the EU’s LIFE programme, which aims at implementing and validating three models of home automation system, for demonstration purposes. The aim is to quantify the large potential for reducing CO2 emissions as a result of using “smart technologies” (home automation devices and building management systems) in buildings used on a mass scale by the public and those which would be well able to set an example.

The project was run in two Grupo San Valero buildings in Zaragoza which are over 30 years old, located in the Centre for Secondary, Continuing and Occupational Education – the San Valero Foundation and the Universidad San Jorge, newly created. The second location was the Environmental Resource Centre for Castilla and León in the PRAE complex which belongs to the Castilla and León regional govt. in Valladolid.

In the Fundación San Valero building a series of works were undertaken, aimed at energy saving on lighting and HVAC system regulation, integrated within a Building Monitoring System that continuously controls and monitors the system’s performance and consumption. In addition, two “demo classrooms” (for lighting, Persian blind control and air conditioning) were set up for training sessions.

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2014